Football Betting Advice That Will Make You Way Richer!

Football Betting Advice

In the world of football betting, like in real life, it is important to define a goal and work towards it. If you start uncontrolled football betting, with high stakes to make up for the loss, if you bet every day without any aim, things will usually not go the way you wanted.

First and foremost is to set up your football betting fund. That should be the money that you are always prepared to lose. Most important rule is that you never borrow money for football betting. Do not even try to make up for your lack of money in life by football betting. You also need to set your goal in terms of profit.

How much money does satisfy you? If you deposit RM500, when you get up to RM3500, you should withdraw your RM3000 and leave your original deposit. This way, you will actually feel the benefit of your efforts. Money that is still on your account does not belong to you, but your bookie as long as you don’t withdraw it!


Important Football Betting Tips

There are two basic groups of players. There are people who like to risk a lot. They are usually betting on a short term basis and play for outsiders with large odds. Money won this way is substantial, but winnings come very rarely. The probability of beating the bookie in this way is very small.

Other groups of people do not like to risk. They bet on favorites with huge stakes and small odds. As a result, there is an illusion of winning, but when they lose they lose heavily. Bookies know this stuff, and they underestimate favorites in terms of small odds. The probability of winning is far greater than odd so our advice is not to bet on games with small odds.

The most important thing that you need to stick on if you want to beat the bookie is self-control. If you start winning, do not raise your stakes immediately and take irrational risks. Always withdraw money that you plan to win and keep on betting with your original deposit. When you hit a losing streak, do not get upset. Stay calm and carry on with your betting strategy.


Why Bookies Usually Has The Last Laugh?

Probably you are not aware of the fact that bookies profit, in most cases, comes because of the bad money management by their customers.

Very often, after a profitable round, bookies publish exceptional odds, Asian handicaps and a variety of new games on their site, which drives players to raise their deposits and stakes dramatically.

Half-time and full-time bets have higher risk and higher returns.

This situation ends with a few wins for players, but bookies know that in few weeks that account will be empty – because of the bad money management of course.

Professional players are well aware of this, and they are patiently waiting for opportunities and they bet with precisely defined stakes. Being a professional gambler does not mean that you need to know football more than your bookie, but knowing how to manage your football betting funds.


Important Points To Note

There is no theory as 100% winning opportunity. Please refrain from believing into sources claiming that it is a sure win tip. Bear in mind that there is always a percentage of a chance going either way.

Good luck also plays a part in your fortune. On certain occasions, you may be on winning streak. But at times, things will not go your way. If you have been down on luck, it is advisable to take a break.

Human beings are known to be rash and often commit the wrong tasks at the wrong time. Always stay calm and never act impulsively.

Refrain from placing a huge betting stake even if you are extremely confident. You may easily end up in a debt. There is always a limit.

If you happen to lose, please do not curse and swear. In football betting, there is only 3 likelihood – win, lose or draw. You are responsible for your own actions.

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