How To Make Money From Football Betting?

How To Make Money On In-Play Football Betting

We break down how we find, research and profit from our in play football betting tips week after week, month after month. Want to know how? Continue reading to find out!

We, here at Maxbet IBCBet, are renowned by our followers for being one of, if not the best in play football betting tipsters around on social media. We have helped bettors profited for the last 8 weeks running posting a profit of RM6890 from RM100 stakes during that 8 week period.


How Do You Select An In-Play Bet?

The first point of call is the live stats of the game. We know they aren’t always accurate but they do give a good idea to how the game is currently panning out. If the home team has had 10 dangerous attacks to the opponent’s 1, it’s generally safe to assume that the home team is on top in the game. This sort of information can be useful for markets such as  “First Goal”, “Time of first home team goal” and to a certain extent “Half-Time result”.

In relation to games where we tip a first half goal, we are looking for an even game but with plenty of attacks and shots. It’s not usually good when one team have their “backs to the wall” as they put 10 men behind the ball and make it difficult to score. We look for around 6-10 shots in the first 30 minutes of the game.


Do you research your in play tips apart from the live stats

Of course, Although live stats are a great starter it’s good to have a background knowledge of how the teams generally perform. We usually research each team previous 5 games. From this, we have a good idea as to whether the teams usually score first half goals, the amount they concede per game and also the percentage of goals they score in the late stages of the games.

Ever wondered why we have so many late winners? Usually, they come from tips for “another goal” in the last 15 minutes of the game at good odds. This is because we know the teams that score/concede late goals. It’s just another way we can extract extra value and increase our profit potential.


What sites do you use to research?

We mainly use 2 sites for our research, both of which are free and easy to use. We know there are hundreds more out there but these work best for us!


This is the site I use most, the home page has all the leagues and games that are on that day. Find the league and the match you are watching and away you go. Here you can research in seconds the form of the 2 sides. If you are on a computer by clicking the middle button on your mouse you can open up a team’s last 5 matches in seconds in new tabs. Here you can see the times the goals are scored which is very useful for first half markets.

Soccer stats

This is a brilliant little site and whilst it might not look to great when you first see it once you spend a little bit of time learning where to find what you’re after, it’s a gold mine!

This site can give you access to stats other sites don’t have, such as what time each team scores on average, percentage of times the home/away team have scored first in a game etc..

I really recommend you take a look at these!


What football betting website do you use for your in-play bets and why?

We always use and recommend MaxBet for your in-play football bettings.

Firstly they give you a 100% deposit bonus for new customers!

MaxBet is who we tip from as they have the most games and markets “in play” out of any football betting websites. In general, their prices are also the best so we can be sure we are not losing out on profit backing our bets with MaxBet.

If you follow our tips on a regular basis, MaxBet also gives out “Loyalty Bonuses” as a thank you for betting with them. That’s irrespective of whether you have profited in the period or not!


How do you watch games that are not on TV?

MaxBet has a feature called “Live-Streaming”. As long as you have a MaxBet account you can watch games LIVE. This is a fantastic way to watch your English Premier League as well as European football for FREE! Seriously check this out as it’s fantastic!

If you are new to MaxBet and want to join to take advantage of their “Live-Streaming” then get your first deposit bonus!


What do you stake to earn that amount of profit?

RM100 on each bet. As simple as that. It doesn’t matter if our in play tip is 4/6 or 3/1 as long as your stake is the SAME on every bet you will ALWAYS be in a profit EVERY month following our in play tips. If you can’t afford to do RM100 on each bet then tailor it to what you can afford. Just make sure that the stake you use is the same for every bet!

As we all know nothing’s a given in football betting, a dodgy refereeing decision, a red card etc.. can all be unforeseen variables that affect our bets. That’s why a flat stake is the ONLY way to profit on a consistent basis.

For more sports betting tips, visit Maxbet.

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