The Football Betting Strategy – How To Bet On Football And Win

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Football Betting Strategy

Earning consistent profits from football betting isn’t just a matter of understanding the fundamentals of successful betting, it’s also knowing how to apply those fundamentals to betting markets so as to identify betting value. Developing football betting strategy that can isolate value betting opportunities can take time and discipline, but the rewards can be significant and provide you the opportunity to exploit hundreds of betting markets month to month, year to year.

The Big Group betting expert how to guides to football betting strategy show you not only how to develop your own football betting strategy but likewise provide you with tried and tested football betting strategy, instructing you in how to approach various betting markets and how to develop tools and methods for enhancing betting value where it can be found.

How To Bet On Football And Win

Understand the concept of value. If you don’t understand betting value, you are unlikely to bet on football and profit. Sure you might be certain that a favourite at odds of 1.45 is going to win, but are the odds being offered to give any value?

Value is a simple concept, but most of the betting public don’t understand this. And perhaps thankfully so, because of its this naive or ‘square’ money that can skew the market, leaving great opportunities for the minority of gamblers who do know how to recognize value.

How To Bet On Over/Unders

When first starting out in the world of football betting, most bettors focus on head to head match result betting. This is, of course, natural as it is what most of us are familiar with. It takes a while before the majority of punters begin to consider alternative markets such as betting on over or under goal or points totals.

How To Start Building A Football Betting Model

Your model is going to need data. At the very least that means final scores, but ideally, it means meaty in-depth stats that you can break down and incorporate into an algorithm. And most of all historical odds for which to test your model on. Where can you get the data you need in the format you desire? Is it readily available in spreadsheet form? Well, that can be the tough part. There are plenty of sources on the net for statistical data for a wide number of leagues. Some are free. Some will cost you a pretty penny. It’s worth spending hours trawling the web for sources. You’ll often find the best sources in places you’d never expect, tucked away in the far reaches of the internet.

How To Follow Betting Tips

Best To Consider Seriously: Tipsters emphasizing and expressing their expertise in smaller, more vulnerable markets, who will not only disclose their full set of results but likewise talk to you realistically about likely win percentages moving forward.

This may sound like we’re telling you that nobody can be trusted to beat the odds in higher volume established markets. We wouldn’t go quite that far. Just remember that waiting until kickoff to attack widely available numbers that have already been bet into place can be very difficult to beat.

And, it’s an even more difficult market to profit from if you’re starting out in the hole because of an over-priced up-front payment to a selection service. If you’re considering purchasing a subscription for a betting tips service, work intelligently through the process so you can make the best possible decision for your bankroll.

How To Become A Professional Bettor

To simply keep track of wins or losses, and strike rates are not enough when betting at a professional level. To improve, you need to delve deeper and find trends in your results. As successful bettors, we should already be quite good at this. You must use all of the analytical skills that you apply to selecting bets, to perform an unbiased account of your own betting record. Doing so, you will find the true nature of your edge.

A good place to start is by finding the odds range where you are most successful. For instance, some bettors specialize at picking long shots and win a disproportionate number of bets on these underdogs. Other bettors know when to back favourites to create a steady stream of small wins. Whatever your specialty is, you need to find it and make a conscious effort to concentrate on that odds range.

Discovering trends in fixture timing can be a telling factor as well. See if you find any patterns in success rates during certain times of the season or on match days that coincide with outside events that could be having an effect on overall match outcomes. Use information such as this to further refine your football betting strategy.

How To Get Through A Losing Streak

If you go on a long losing run, resulting in your betting bank dropping to unacceptable levels, then there’s something seriously wrong. Never, ever chase losses, however. Go through your spreadsheets of shame and if you look close enough you’ll see where you’ve gone wrong.

A good habit to get into when recording your bets is to make a comment on your approach when placing this bet. Did you stick to your staking plan? Did you analyze that particular football match as you had planned to do? And be honest. If you failed to stick your plan, make a note of it, even if the bet ended up being a winner. Why? Because when you review bets where you did not stick to your plan, you will see that they are costing you money. Some will be winners, but the majority will be costing you money. There’s no better way to help you develop betting discipline and work your way through losing streaks than seeing the cold hard facts that these moments of poor discipline are costing you money.

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