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Every casino games have their own betting technique. Some of the games can be using the same technique but some are not. There is a basic strategy of playing blackjack. The basic strategy is the best way to dealt with the blackjack game. The strategy is based on the player’s two cards and a dealer’s up card. This basic strategy is the easier way to learn but it only memorize the formula.

Basic Strategy

Surrender in the card of value 16, but not in a pair of rank 8. Surrender if the dealer card is 9, 10 or A.
Split when you have a pair of:
  •           Always split the A and 8.
  •           Never split with 5 and 10.
  •           Split 2 and 3 against dealer 4-7.
  •           Split pair of 4 against dealer 5 or 6.
  •           Split pair of 6 or 7 against dealer 2-7.
  •           Split pair of 9 against dealer 2-6 or 8-9.


Doubling down with hard or soft. Hard mean is not included the A in the first two cards. Soft is meaning of including the A in the first two cards. Do this if the doubling down is allowed for the game or card.
  •           Double hard 9 against dealer 3-6.
  •           Double hard 10 except against dealer 10 or A.
  •           Double hard 11 expect against dealer with A.
  •           Double soft 13 or 14 against dealer 5-6.
  •           Double soft 15 or 16 against dealer 4-6.
  •           Double soft 17 or 18 against dealer 3-6.


Hit or Stand. Hit is the action to draw an extra card from dealer. Stand is keep the card in the position without changing any value of card.
  •           Always hit in the card value of 11 or less.
  •           Stand on the hard 12 against dealer 4-6, or else hit.
  •           Stand on hard 13-16 against dealer 2-6, or else hit.
  •           Always stand on hard 17 or more.
  •           Always hit on soft 17 or less.
  •           Stand on soft 18 expect hit against dealer 9, 10 or A.
  •           Always stand on soft 19 or more.


Above are the basic strategy of playing blackjack. Player just has to understand of this strategy, it may increase the winning rate from the game.

Card Counting Strategy

In the blackjack betting technique, the card counting is the most famous strategy of it. Card counting it also known as card reading. The card counting is using the calculating to determine the answer. This strategy is to determine whether the hand that will give out the next will have a probable benefit to the players. The player who is card counter is usually try to reduce the casino’s house edge by keeping track of the cards drawn to the players and also the dealer.
The card counting is one of the indeed strategy in the blackjack, if the player wants to win. There are much more people are doing the same thing of card counting in the casino. The strategy, it also will lead you the way to win for the game as much as possible when playing in casino. The advantage of card counting is the strategy can lead the card counter to win as much as they bet, and also will reduce the risk from the losing game. For this strategy, there is not use in the online casino game as the AI will randomly draw the cards for the hand, unless you play in live casino which is similar to the land-based casino blackjack.

Hi-Lo Strategy

Hi-Lo strategy is one of the famous betting techniques in the blackjack. This strategy is created by Harvey Dubner. It is easy to complete. The most important is this strategy is really easy to learn, and that’s not need to spend a lot of time, just need to take some times to practising. In the Hi-Lo strategy, it assigned a number to each cards: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 are +1; 7, 8, 9 are 0; 10, J, Q, K, Ace are -1. The card counter should do the math once the cards drawn to the players and dealer. The formula of the Hi-Lo strategy is using the running count / decks remaining = true count. The running count is the card which show on the desk with the players and dealer. For example, player 1 with card 2, 5; player 2 with card 3, 3; player 3 with card 5, 6; dealer with the card 6, and 1+1+1+1+1+1+1 = 7. And the decks remaining in game play is 4 then 7/4 = 1.75 rounding to +2 is the answer of the true count.
The larger the number as you count, the higher cards remain in the deck. If the count is far into the negative, then this means that many of the value of 10 cards and Ace are drawn out from the deck and many low cards are remaining in the deck. The higher true count, the greater advantage to the player. The benefit of the card counting is allow the player to manage the wager size to win more and lose less.




There are some players are playing blackjack with their luck. There also some people playing blackjack with the strategy, and using the strategy will gain more advantage from playing the games. For the beginner, you are suggested to use the basic strategy to deal with blackjack, as the Hi-Lo strategy is 80% familiar to the basic one. But once the player miss calculating with Hi-Lo strategy, it will decrease the chance of winning the game. Some more the basic strategy is much easier than the Hi-Lo strategy. For more info, visit Maxbet.

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