Blackjack: Understanding the basics

blackjack fundamental


Blackjack is one of the famous table casino gamble games in the world. Blackjack is a card game that compare the value of card against the dealer. This is a card game to win from dealer but not from other players. In the casino, they will use one to eight decks of the 52 cards to make suffer into one, and it require 2 to 6 players to join in a table to enjoy the card game. That a maximum point for the player to get is 21 points, if the player having the point exceed 21 then it known as lose the game. The objective to win the dealer, the player must get the 21 points in the first two cards and the payback will be higher; in the final score, player card point higher then dealer but the points are not exceeding 21; let the dealer draw the card until it exceeds 21 points.
There are few decisions while playing the Blackjack, which are “hit”, “stand”, “double down”, “split” and “surrender”. After got the two cards from the dealer then players can start to decide the action they want to take, but the game rule is to take turn to do the action by clockwise and dealer will be the last one who took action.


Is the action to take more cards from the dealer, it can be one or more cards. In this situation, normally player is taking the low point of the card and decide to take “hit” action to increase the player’s card point against dealer.


It is a meaning of stay in the same position, which has not taking any special action and pass to another player to continue the game but the player’s cards are still remain the same. Player will “stand” during his or her card points are high and believe can beat against dealer.
Double down – it is an action that allow player to increase initial bet up to 100% of the player initial wager. When the player decided this action, player must place the additional wager next to the initial wager. By taking this action, the player only allowed to take one more card from the dealer only after that the turn will be switch to the next player.


The player is able to separate into two hand when the player has the first two card with the same value. When the player separates into two hand, it will be given the extra one more card to each hand and continue the game normally, but after separate the card, wager of the player will not be separate the amount into hand and it stay the original wager each hand, and player have to place the additional wager with the original in order to split the card. There are some casinos not allowed player to split with the Ace card as that is more easy to get 21 points. When the player gets the same value but different picture cards, that is not allow to split such as a hand with Q-Q can split, a hand with J-Q is unable to split although they are same value.


It only available the player’s first decision. But for this action, that is only some casinos or games are allowed to do so. When the player surrenders his or her hand, the dealer will take half of the player’s wager of origin.
Besides, there are casino offer additional betting in the Blackjack card game. Players are able to extra betting the pair card bonus, like the player able to get the same card in the first two card then it will payback based on the wager player placed.
A Blackjack is a total of the number of 21 in the first pair of the card player get, while the player has the Blackjack it is also known as “Natural”. In order to get the Blackjack, player must get the first two cards from the dealer and its value 21. The Blackjack is state with the Ace card and any cards with value of ten. Although the player gets the 21 value card before the game end, it may not be called as Blackjack and it is just a total 21 only. For example, when the player gets a pair of value 15 cards, then demanded from the dealer to have one more card and the card value is 6, after add up together and it get a value 21 with three cards, in this situation, it is a total of 21 points but not a Blackjack. That is something special for the Ace card in the Blackjack as we know normally Ace card is a number of 1, when the Ace mix with one another card it can be 11; when Ace mix with two card it can be 1 value.
Blackjack also known as a probability card game. As a deck of card has 52 cards and it is fixed, so the player able to calculate which card had dispatched on the desk, and players are able to estimate will card will dispatch in the next round. Play live blackjack and win big now at Maxbet.


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