Football Betting Secret – Laying the Draw

football betting secret laying the draw


Football betting secret

Every football betting fan would like to know the football betting secret that will help them to make consistent betting income from their bets. The majority of football betting fans are betting base on their guts feeling and most of them do not even do any research on their bets before placing their bets. In order to win in football betting, it is really important to first have a betting strategy before placing their bets.

Laying the draw

With so many football betting secret out there, ‘Laying the Draw’ is one of the most popular football betting technique that is use by the top betting expert. As the name suggest, laying the draw is a strategy whereby football betting fans take advantage of the ability to bet in play and place lay bets. This football betting secret has been proven profitable among the football betting fans but there are a few things that the bettor need to consider before using this betting strategy.
How does laying the draw actually works? Using this football betting secret, you would need to bet on the draw before the start of the match, wait for the first goal to be scored and place a back bet on the draw as soon as the first goal is scored. Whenever you back a selection at a higher odds than you laid it, you will be able to make a guarantee profit through your betting.
In a normal football match, the odds for a draw between both teams would be around 3.5-4.0 before the kick-off. However, when the first goal of the match is scored, the odds will usually increase to as high as 6.0-8.0. Whenever the first goal is scored, a draw between the teams would seem to become less likely and thus the odds for a draw will increase considerably.

Look after your bet

It might sound simple on paper but things might not be as simple as it seem in some occasions. Some of you might be wondering, ‘What if the first goal is never scored?’ In this case, the odds for the draw will slowly and consistently decrease. This would also result in an unavoidable loss for the football betting fans who has laid the draw.

Solutions for your bets

However, there are still ways to overcome this problem. One of it would be to place the draw bet before the start of the game so that whenever the game turn out to be goalless, the football betting fans will still make some money on their bet. Placing your bets using this strategy is similar to buying an insurance policy on your bet. The downside for this solution would be that your profits would be much smaller whenever a goal is scored.
The other solution to this problem would be a little more risky but it will also be more profitable. Before the football betting fans start to place a lay bet, figure out if the game is likely to result in many goals being scored. If that would be the likely outcome, it would be wise to go ahead and place the lay bet. If the game is more likely to end up with a low scoring game, it would be best to stay away from this bet. In order to determine the likely scoring outcome, the football betting fans can refer to the past statistic of both teams to make their judgments.

Strenght of both teams

One of the things that you must take note while using this betting strategy would be the strength of both teams. If one team is consider to be much better than the other team, it would be better not to place bet in that game. This is because in the event whereby the underdog score first, most bettor would expect the better team to score soon as well. As a result, the odds for the draw would not increase at all.

Be alert and act quick

Finally, the football betting fans should always act as quickly as possible while placing any kind of in-play betting. Whenever the first goal of the game is scored, never hesitate to place the back bet in the draw. There had been many occasion that the other team would also score a goal as soon as the game resume. The game can easily go into a draw.
The laying the draw might just be one of the most effective football betting secret that is used by the football betting expert. However, you would need to act quickly and take a few precautions in order to profit from your bets. There are still possibilities whereby things can go wrong. Therefore, it is recommended that you first try out with a smaller bets until you feel confident about your winnings.

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