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Scorecast Betting

There are many types of betting styles available in the football betting world. However, “Scorecast Betting” is one of the betting styles that can produce the highest payout for the football betting fans. The “Scorecast Betting” is also commonly known as the first scorer / correct score double bet. Whenever you place a score cast bet, you are actually betting on a specific player to score the first goal of the match.
Scorecast betting does come with some high risk. As we all know, high risk does produce a very high return for many football betting players. It is definitely not easy to win the score cast bet but the high yielding rewards had certainly attracted many football betting players to place a bet with it.
Scorecast Betting is not only available in football betting. It is also widely available for all variety of sports but it is most commonly used in football betting. Even though the score cast betting is widely used in football betting, there is another betting style which we will talk about later that is closely similar to score cast betting and it is favored by many football betting players as well.

How does Scorecast Betting Works

When you visit the bookmaker and make a score cast bet, they are usually displayed as two drop-down menus. One of the menus will show you all the possible goal scorer for the match while the other menu will show all the possible scores for the match. Whenever you are placing a score cast bet, you are able to choose an option from each of these menus. After choosing a player to score first and a final score, the bookmaker will then calculate the odds for your chosen combination. With the given odds, you may choose whether to proceed with placing a bet on these odds.
For example, when Chelsea is taking on Barcelona in the Champions League, a bookmaker like Maxbet Malaysia will offer a score cast betting for the match with the two drop-down menus for the first goal scorer and also a correct score. If you are going to predict that Lionel Messi to score the first goal of the match with the game end in a 1-1 draw, the bookmaker will most likely offer odds such as 33/1 on this bet.
Whenever Messi score first and the match indeed end up with a draw, you will win big from your bet. Any other result that differs from your bet, such as the match end in a draw but Messi is not the first player to score the first goal, you will lose your bet.

Win cast Bets

As mentioned earlier, the other type of bet that is very famous among the football betting players is called the “Win cast Bet”. The win cast bet is the combination of the correct betting score and also the anytime scorer betting. The wincast bet is easier to win as compare to the scorecast bet. Under this type of bet, the player that you have chosen to score for the match can score at any time instead of being compulsory to be the first player to score in the match. Given that this type of bet offer lower risk, the odds for wincast bet is also lower than the scorecast bet.
With the same example, whenever Chelsea take on Barcelona in the Champions League, placing a bet with bookmaker such as IBCBET, you are required to choose a goal scorer and also predict the correct score for the match. If you have chosen Lionel Messi to score in the game and the match to end in 1-1, the bookmaker will most likely offer you 10/1 odds on this combination.
You will win your bet if Messi scores in the match at any point of the match and the match end up in a draw. Any result that differs from this combination and you will lose your bet.

When to Bet on Scorecasts

Football betting players that is successful betting on the correct score will usually find similar success in the scorecast betting. It is really tempting to try the scorecast betting due to the higher odds that is offer by the bookmaker. However, you should always be aware that scorecast betting does involve high risk and you should always bet within your limit.
In order to gain higher winning probability, some football betting players are placing several bets in scorecast betting to hedge their bets. One of the methods to achieve higher winning odds is to bet on a single player scoring for a range of different goals. Other option would be to bet on a particular score while choosing a selection of players in the process. This would ensure that any payout from these bets will pay off your cumulative wager and still enable you to get a profit.

Things to Consider for Scorecast Betting:

Make sure that scorecast betting is for you: you shouldn’t place your bet in scorecast betting if you do not have enough information to assist you in selecting the possible goal scorer and the possible final scores for the match. Even though scorecast betting does come with higher odds, you would still need to bet accurately in order for you to win the bet.
Correct score bet: some of the most important factor to take note while placing a correct score would be to pay close attention to the team from, the strength of both teams, the weather on match day and condition of the pitch. This information would be helpful in narrowing down the possible scores for the match.
First goal scorer bet: some of the factor influencing a player’s chance of scoring a goal would be their recent form, fatigue level, recent injuries, personal issues, record against the opponent, partnership, etc. These are some of the factors to take note of when selecting the first goal scorer.


Scorecast betting would be one of the favorable betting styles to try out if you are looking for a great payout. However, due to the higher risk of this bet, some football betting players might prefer wincast betting instead. No matter which type of football betting that you have chosen, it is important to do your research and bet within your limit if you are to win with ease from football betting. For more info, visit Maxbet.

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