Highway King Pro: Exciting Rewards Ahead

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Highway King Pro – Slot Game Review

Highway King Pro is one of the famous online slot game in Malaysia nowadays, it designed with the theme of the trucker. Highway King Pro is a mobile slot game with a simple 9 paylines and 5 reels. This slot game was created by the Playtech casino, but now it also can found from the 3Win8. Highway King Pro is a slot game that can play for the real money. Highway King Pro is a concept familiar with the jackpot.

How to play Highway King Pro slot game

As the Highway King Pro is make up to 9 paylines and 5 reels, the player is able to place the how much of wager that player want to for each lines, by clicking on the line bet button. Highway King Pro offered the coin value from 0.01 up to 5 per coin. The minimum bet for Highway King Pro is 0.01 per line and per spin. So mean that the maximum of bet of Highway King Pro is up to 45 per spin.
There are some plentiful of the icons make up for this slot game while spinning, there are steering wheel, tyre, dice and truck parts. The trucker’s cap is the symbol that doing some smaller paying icons for the player who spin to get them. Whilst the petro station, green truck, yellow truck and red truck are the highest paying icons, but the petro station symbol is the second higher paying icon compare to the three colour of trucks in the game.

Highway King Pro bonus features

There is a scatter symbol designed into this slot game, which is represented by the lady with the red hat. The player should spin and accumulate three of the scatter icons on a payline, and the player will get a valuable 5 coins paying. The player is able to get the valuable 100 coins if the player spins the four to five scatter symbol on reel for once.
The wild symbol is only represented by the trucker and it can only be found from the reel two, reel three and reel four. The wild symbol will be founded when the player spin to complete a payline with the trucker icon and then the wild icon will occur on the trucker icon. It will reward the player with the highest paying but this bonus is not offered the multiplier.
Besides, there is also another bonus in Highway King Pro which is the chequered flag, the player can found the chequered flag on the reel one and reel five only and the chequered flag will state the Bonus is the symbol. When the player gets the two chequered flag in reel one and five, this bonus will offer the player to get some free spins and multiplier paying. Once the player hits the requirement of this bonus, the player is able to have one choice of choosing three types of different color trucks for racing and the player will get the free spins. The ranking of truck racing will determine how much of the multiplier will give to the player during the free spins.
In order to hit the jackpot of Highway King Pro, the player should spin and gather the five red trucks in a required payline. The reward of jackpot of the Highway King Pro is worth up to 10,000 coins. If the player had gather four red trucks, the player will have rewarded 500 coins.


The Highway King Pro is a much better version from its predecessor version which is the Highway King, However, there is still some similarity between both games. Some of the similar feature such as payline and reels, the minimum and maximum wager for each payline remain the same. On the other hand, there are different icon, greater graphic, extra bonuses in Highway King Pro which casino players will be excited while placing their bets. For more info, visit Maxbet.

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