Live Football Betting Tips and Benefits

Betting Tips and Benefits

Football is the world’s game for a very good reason it has unrivaled excitement and passion. It is this excitement and passion that makes millions of people around the world believe that kicking a leather ball around a pitch is more important than life itself. One of the reasons millions of people love football so much is the unpredictability of the game. For example, if I asked you to predict the result of a football game with 12 minutes to go with a score line of 4-0 you would probably go with a win to the team 4 up and yes statistically speaking you would be right to do so. However strange things have happened in a game. It is the fact that it only takes a couple of seconds to score a goal. A silly foul can give away an innocuous free-kick and then 2 seconds later bang GOAL and the game is turned on its head! The unpredictability of football matches has spurned a whole new way of betting and gambling on football. In-play betting is the new kid on the block and with the increased broadband penetration across most of the western world, there is a real buzz out there. So here are some of the reasons why you might like to give live football betting or in-play betting a go for your favorite football team.


Statistically speaking a large number of top-level football matches are goalless at half time which means there is a brilliant opportunity to make money from live football betting. The reason for there being few goals in the first half are countless such as fitness levels are higher in the first half and therefore fewer mistakes, the teams are initially “cagey” about committing too many players forwards etc. If the game is goalless at half-time the odds for a specific result change compared to that at the start of the game and is constantly changing throughout the game irrespective of any goals being scored. Simple changes in the dynamics of the game i.e. substitutions, red cards, injuries (and the resulting injury time) and general game statistics like possession will all cause the live odds to change.The real money is not made in the prediction of a draw as these betting odds will shorten the longer the game goes on but in the lengthening of the odds of the favorites as the game remains a draw. This means that the odds someone playing “in-play” will get are significantly better than those they would get at the start of the game.


With the live broadcast of top matches on your home TV, in-running live football betting will only get more attention as football bettors raise their stakes on the team that appears to have a higher probability to win. Bookmakers such as MaxBet offer a live football betting platform which customers can bet on fixed odds, Asian handicap, total goals, next goalscorer, next team to score etc. Live FootBall Betting increases your winning probability as you can watch the team as the match is broadcast on TV. You can easily tell which is the better team and player who is likely to score! This wide betting variety has led to an increase in turnover and revenue by the bookmakers.
From a financial perspective, the major incentives for in-play betting are the increased success rate coupled with the larger returns and reduced risks. However, from a fan’s perspective, the thrill of live in-play betting is massive. In the play, betting gives an added sense of excitement and passion which augments the initial passion of the fan truly transforming the experience of watching a live telecast football match.

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